Rabu, 02 April 2014

Benelan Lor village is one of villages in the Kabat sub-district. It's about 18 Km from City of Banyuwangi.

Village's border

Benelan Lor village could be reached from two direction, is that from Pengatigan village in Rogojampi and Labanasem village in Kabat. From Pengatigan, the rider enter the t-junction of Pengatigan gas station or another t-junction in Pengatigan whom directed to north. And then, the rider will find Kalimosodo street and continuesly to Benelan Lor.

From this village there are accsess to some villages like Bareng village and Bunder village if go west. Pengatigan village if go south. Labanasem village if go east. And, Macanputih village and Gombolirang village if go to the north.

Village hall

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